duckspeaker (duckspeaker) wrote in php,

Detect change in Radial Buttons

I have a project where people can select from a variety of items.
When they’ve made a selection, I reduce the number of items available in a separate table that keeps count.

Now I want to make it so that the user can edit his/her decision later.  That requires me to be able to (re)add items to the count that are no longer wanted/needed, and reduce the number of the new item taken.

I’ve been using radial buttons in a form, because it only allows one item (of several) from each group of items.

It’s easy for me to repopulate the form, and then update the user info…
….but I can’t wrap my head around how to detect a change from one item to the next so I can update my count.

???  Thanks for any insight you can provide.
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