Drop my crutches and crawl on the floor for you (signalii) wrote in php,
Drop my crutches and crawl on the floor for you

Possible job opening in DC area

My employers are in the process of opening up a PHP position in the DC area. The position in question is on a team responsible for developing sites, a CMS and other web tools for several magazines, some of which are relatively high-profile.

At present, I don't have any details regarding salary, etc -- but as far as I can tell, this would be a permanent position, and they do pay well, treat their employees well, and they are growing at what I think is a sustainable clip.

Skills I know we'll be looking for:
PHP (5+, some OO preferred, Zend Framework a plus)
Javascript (we'll be using the jQuery library)
DBA skills a big plus
Red Hat skills a plus

This is just a heads-up for the moment -- I'll put the actual job-posting here when it is approved, but for now if you're in the area and are looking for an opportunity, now would be a good time to dust off the old resume and update it.
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