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pseudo-code help

I'm making a threaded comments script for a blogging system. My code so far is not working, so I'm trying to think it through again using pseudo-code. I'd really appreciate some feedback on what I should be doing, if anyone would mind taking a look at the pseudo-code (under the cut). If my reasoning is correct, then I can concentrate on the syntax.

MySQL tables:

Posts (sorry for the yuck formatting)
id year month day hour minute timestamp author title content images mood music

id (unique id) post (to which the comment belongs) parent (comment to which the comment is a reply) author title timestamp email homepage content

  • have a script, PostsTable.php, to display a post or posts using a while loop, including a collapsible division to display comments or not as desired (easy - done that)
  • for each post, set the parent value, $parent_id, to 0 as part of the while loop
  • for each post, set the ID of the post, $post_id, from the array generated by the query used to get the post
  • within the comments division below each post, include a script, CommentsView.php, to run the queries to get comments
  • use a while loop in CommentsView.php to get all comments in order and in accordance with $parent_id and $post_id
  • for each comment, set its ID (within the loop) as $parent_id for looping through its replies later
  • if there are no comments for a particular post (or replies to a particular comment), end
  • if there are comments, include a script to display them similar in design to PostsTable.php: CommentsTable.php
  • CommentsTable.php includes CommentsView.php, until it ends

Thank you in advance ^^
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