legatissimo (legatissimo) wrote in php,

php templates

I've dabbled in building a small site or two with PHP, but my friend has asked me to help with a large scope project. It'll be a site that helps companies stay in touch with clients, posting progress reports on the web. (There are a few sites that already provide this service, but we're looking to start this ourselves, if only for the learning experience.)

Conceptually, I have no problem with most of the project, but it just seems like too much coding to get done in a reasonable time-frame. Surely there are some template code-blocks out there for things like: creating user-accounts with passwords & password hints; file upload scripts that check whether filetypes and sizes are valid; juggling filetypes between pdf's and images; etc.

Do sites with templates for this exist, or is this just wishful thinking on my part?
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